gaming punk pink mechanical keyboard + mouse

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22 styles lighting and 5 mode of gaming lighting 

Customize 5 styles of lighting by urself

keyboard size 439*130*35mm weight 1120g

mouse size 125*70.5*38.8mm weight 138g



Linear action: recommended for gamer. 
They feel the same from the moment you start pressing the key until bottoming out. There is no tactile feedback or noise when hitting the actuation point (the point where the keypress gets registered – usually somewhere in the middle). 
Alternate action (Brown switch )recommend for beginner for using mechanical keyboard 
switches are great for folks who don’t like the loud click-click-click of the Cherry MX Blue switch but do like the tactile bump feeling. Since there’s no clicking sound, you won’t hear much noise from this keyboard unless you bottom out (at which point the sound can be rather loud), but you will feel the key response, because the key won’t budge until you’ve pushed it down with enough force to actuate the key.
Blue switch 
you’ll feel a little bump and hear a high-pitched clicking sound the moment the keyboard input is sent to your PC. With a little practice, you can use this feedback to type faster while using less effort because you can teach yourself to stop pressing when you hear the click and feel the bump instead of pushing the key all the way down (called “bottoming out”). This gives the keys a lighter overall feel, which is great for writing, data entry, and other typing-intensive tasks. The clicking sound that the MX Blue switch makes is rather loud compared to the sound of other switches, however, which can be distracting to coworkers and family members.
Red switch recommend for office users who don’t want much noise. 


gaming punk pink mechanical keyboard + mouse